Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thoughts of you today

Today I was thinking of you - and how much I miss you. We were so close, and so loving when I had the summer with you - and now since I have taken you back to your daddy, I havent heard from you at all. Your little faces and voice stir in my head everyday, and I cry. I love you, andf I need you. I miss you more than my heart can hold, and thats why the tears come to my eyes.

I had a dream the other night you said you didnt miss me - I hope this was a nightmare and not a vision. I know you have been told by this point that I am not someone who cares - but I know you know in your heart thats not true. I miss and love you very much.

Madison when you look in the mirror and smile, we share the share the same smile. Joey when you see your eyes sparkle, know we share the same eyes. We all share the same blood, and you are my children. have nothing but love for you.

With Love-


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